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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spotlight On..

Priscilla is pretty cool.
We at the bakery don't know much else beyond this.
She's been coming to the bakery since it opened.
She's a coach at Grinnell, but a resident of the good old IC.
Today, we decided to get to know her..
...a little better (nudge, nudge, wink)

Q: What's your favorite color?
Priscilla: I do like red, and I do like yellow. I know this because all my bicycles and cars have been either red or yellow. Including a yellow bug!
(Bonus awesomeness points)

Q: How old are you?
P: (gasps, laughs) 59!

Q: Liar. What's your favorite thing at the bakery?
P: (pauses, smiles coyly) My favorite thing at the bakery is the employees. (gag) And the variety of treats that I get to give my friends. And the butter, more butter, and only butter.

Q: What are you up to today?
P: Driving to Grinnell!

Q: Why?
P: (shrugs)Just something to do, I guess.

Priscilla says farewell with her morning biscuit in tow.
Bye, Priscilla!

1 comment:

  1. didn't she fetch some cool fabric from a dumpster for Jamie recently? one more cool fact...if it was indeed her!