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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pastries & Poetry

Blueberry Crumbcake

The yellow sea boils off
when the tectonic plates
ride off.

So opens the river of volcanic blueberries.

Such frosted boulders
cloud-stained mountains make.

And the kiss-stained lips of god
are perfectly symmetrical patisseries

on the island

at the center

of the earth.

So opens the mouth,
opening over the disappearing
yellow sea.
The heart of every mountain
is a tree who did not sprout
who knows no difference
between the earth
and the center of the earth.

So opens the one dozen blueberries
and they did not think of their
perfectly shaped centers,

which did not exist
alongside the ice ages.

Only the blueberries are essential to the mouth.

Just as
only the mountains are essential
to the hearts of the mountains.

Just as
only the place where the yellow sea once was
is essential to the yellow sea.

Written by Danny Mills, friend of DeLuxe

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